Earlier this year I started working on a “non-duality” project. It involved interviewing a few nondual teachers. As it happens, the project never unfolded as I thought it would…but isn’t that the case with most things? LOL 🙂 That being said, what DID unfold, was that I had the JOY of joining with nondual teachers to talk about what ultimately matters; Truth.

In this audio recording I sit down with Roger Castillo to talk about nonduality, enlightenment, A Course in Miracles and many other things related to spirituality.

After listening to the talk, I’m sure you’ll agree there are many gems. Of the many insights, the one lesson that sticks out in my mind is Roger’s teaching “there is no doer.” He says that the premise of all suffering arises because of the belief in the doer. This makes complete sense, believing in the doer is believing in a separate will other than God’s.

“All fear is ultimately reducible to the basic misperception that you have the ability to usurp the power of God.” – A Course in Miracle

In A Course in Miracles’ language it’s the belief that the doer (ego) can usurp God’s Will. This is big. When it’s finally recognized, that all things are Divine order, and that we have no will separate from God, it is then understood why we and others can never be guilty. Nothing is of our doing. Without guilt, in the many forms that it takes, we are free.

It was an awesome talk and I’m happy to finally get around to sharing it. Enjoy the audio recording.

To learn more about Roger Castillo’s work, visit www.rogercastillo.org