To awake is to become cognizant. The word Spirit is symbolic of our true Identity. Therefore, to Spiritually Awaken, is to become cognizant of our Identity as Spirit.

Spirit is without limit, boundlessly free and whole. Spirit does not suffer nor is It bound to the limits of time and space, birth or death.

Although there are many attempts to define It, Spirit is beyond description and can’t really be explained in words.

“Let us not forget, however, words are but symbols of symbols. They are thus twice removed from reality.” – A Course in Miracles

Spirit is beyond concepts and cannot be intellectually understood yet CAN be known through direct experience. These experiences are sometimes described or interpreted as mystical. Although helpful, mystical experiences are not the aim of awakening. The aim is complete identity shift from separate self-concept (ego) to wholeness (non-dual), from fear to love or illusion to truth.

This Identity shift, from the individual and personhood to the whole and impersonal, appears to evolve over time. This is the waking up process. Through a series of unfolding lessons and insights, the thought system for which creates the experience of a separate self-concept begins to break down. The nature of its disfunction becomes more and more evident to the awakening mind and a thought system of love replaces it. As part of this seeming process, spiritual principles and teachings become integrated and generalized.

A Course in Miracles offers the practice of forgiveness as a means to overlook the separate self thought system. The Course provides a dualistic mind training program to support our transition into a non-dual experience. It teaches us to think and make choices aligned with love. In doing so, we are reminded of our Identity, which is rooted in love. The true nature of our Self awakens to the awareness of Itself as it is in Reality.

TruthKnownQuoteAs belief and attention is withdrawn from a thought system of separation, our true Identity makes Itself known. As obscurities such as fear and guilt are dropped, the Spirit of our true nature becomes evident and eventually the prominent standpoint from which we view and experience life. We can say that this line of Vision is Spiritual Sight.

No longer identified with the self-concept (ego), its needs, wants and desires to author experience, life is met with ease and joy. Peace of mind becomes more and more stabilized as we move in tandem with the flow of everything. Because we see ourselves in everything, without a sense of separation, there’s no need to fight against anything. Spirit’s Vision sees all things work for good. Peace and happiness is no longer subject to an outside world. What we are awakening to is unconditional love, which is all we’ve ever wanted.

Spiritual Awakening is a process of becoming aware of our True Reality as Love and A Course in Miracles provides the tool of forgiveness to help support the process.