A Course in Miracles says “Understand that you do not respond to anything directly, but to your interpretation of it.” And in the midst of disappointment OR celebration of election results, know that the results themselves have nothing to do with how you feel. It’s however, your interpretation that shapes your experience.

Like many people, I watched the polls and results come in on TV (internet). And like many people, I was surprised at the result. Prior predictions called the race for Hilary.  Last night’s poll watching was like a sporting event, or movie. As the electoral votes were coming in, I felt tension, excitement, fear and anticipation…just as I would experience in any good movie. My emotional reactions were rooted in opinions, judgments and fears. All of which served as filters to my perception. And like a sporting event or movie, the game or story would eventually come to an end and it would be time for me to go Home.

This “home” however, is the not the 4-walled kind, but rather the resting place for which a mind must come to if it desires peace. It calls forth the realization that all of perception and the story that goes along with it, is of my making. And at best, entertaining.

To avoid investment of any kind in the results, I must ask myself, “Am I here to make a better dream or to discover eternal peace?” Only the later will bring true contentment and an experience of deep safety I truly desire. With the simple practice of being present and aware, I recognize there is no problem.

Change happens in form and circumstance; perception is always in constant flux. Despite the electoral outcome, what I am remains unaffected and unaltered. I’m okay. Only my judgments and beliefs about what happened can alter that.

A Course in Miracles’ early lessons teach, “Nothing I see means anything.”  and “I give everything I see all the meaning it has for me.” – A Course in Miracles

ACIM - TrumpWe are okay. We’re even better than okay if we ALLOW ourselves to be. From a practical standpoint, it means to exchange the fears of the future and accept the present reality of this moment, uninterrupted by “what should have been” and “what’s to be.” Then, and only then can we be at the effect of the miracle; shift in perception from fear to love.

Not even “healing” is necessary because nothing is broken. I’ve seen many Facebook thread posting about praying for Trump and praying for the future. He doesn’t need prayer, nor does the future, but WE do if we’re afraid. And we will continue to be afraid as long as we have more faith in our vulnerability than in our invulnerability. Our responsibility is to accept the atonement for ourselves. The problem or fear isn’t “out there.” No matter how convincing it may seem, it’s a misperception in need of correction, nothing more nothing less.

All things work for good, there are no exceptions. This is not to say things will be perfect, but it is to say that we’ll always be okay regardless of the imperfection that manifests in perception.

This election is stranger than fiction, and simultaneously, ALL fiction. This post is an invitation to JOYn me in the wonderment and appreciation for the show.  It’s for entertainment purposes only.

Love without conditions!