The word direct means absolute or exact. To experience is to meet with without interpretation. Therefore, direct experience is first hand knowledge. It is what we know experientially, not based on intellectual information, assumptions or conclusions. It is the closest thing to truth because it is experientially known without interference, interpretation, or duality.

Whenever we’re caught in perception, direct experience is obscured. Call it is fear or the belief in a separate self, both are perceptual and never Truth itself. Perception is always subject to interpretation, can fluctuate and is never stable.

Interpretation or explanations (like words) are twice removed. This is why Truth can’t be found in words and all attempts to intellectually understand Truth fails. Perception is some form of mental narrative with a subject and object split and blocks Truth.

Perception draws attention away from direct experience and instead focuses attention into mental imagining and interpretation. This is a distraction. This way of “seeing” has no reality but in a mental story. Fear and the “me” story seemingly casts a hypnotic stupor of hypothetical thinking which blocks the Voice of present experience.

When we buy into the idea of ourselves as a “something” or “someone” that is at the effect of something outside us we are in a story and confused about what’s real.

Non Dual ExperienceConfusion overshadows the ever present and direct experience of what’s really happening in the moment. Seeing through this obscurity requires the willingness to let all interpretation go. This is the basis of forgiveness, which is to overlook perception. 

When we come into direct experience the mind withdraws attention and investment from all definition. It retreats into the Self awareness, the sense of existence that precedes perception, which is non-dual. Direct experience, for which proceeds conclusions and assumptions, always reveals an unchangeable reality in spite of floating concepts or ideas. The unclouded sense of “I” becomes a gateway to Reality.

The shift in perception, from the story to reality, can also be thought of as the miracle. The miracle returns conscious awareness back to the recognition of what remains unaltered, for which can only be known through direct experience. In this sense, direct experience becomes the portal to truth…from no where else can real knowledge emerge.