I’m thrilled to share that I got the opportunity to hang out with A Course in Miracles teacher and Spiritual Author Carrie Triffet. In the celebration of her upcoming project release, the book TASTE Like God and my documentary A Course in Miracles – Enlightenment or Bust! We decided to join and extend a preview of both projects and share the message of our work.

Carrie’s book is described as a “Part deliciously funny spiritual memoir, part serious metaphysical “science experiment,” TASTES LIKE GOD illuminates the big questions of existence, through the lens of Carrie’s own tangled relationship with food. Her spiritual exploration of food’s true meaning takes the reader on an unforgettable, real-time journey of transformation. Topics include:

• Overcoming food addiction
• Dieting, exercise and attractiveness
• Guilt and the food chain
• Inner peace and deepest self-acceptance

“A delightful dish from beginning to end! Carrie Triffet is a spiritually-wise comic genius. I laughed out loud dozens of times. This book covers not just the nature of cupcakes, but EVERYTHING—including God, the higher Self, the laws of manifestation, and the spiritual secrets to weight loss and inner healing. It’s profound, enlightening and downright delicious.” ~ Ram Das Batchelder, author of Rising in Love

The documentary A Course in Miracles – Enlightenment or Bust! follows this inspirational story of a curious guy who has come upon a teaching that sparked a Spiritual Awakening.

Being curious, I wanted to learn more about the Course, so I set off to meet teachers who have gone before me in their journey. Unbeknownst to me, however, the making of this documentary, my willingness to dive into the Course and the application of ACIM principles would radically shift my perception on life. This is a movie about following inspiration and looking at fear in the face. It is a demonstration of how following the heart’s call can be a means to Spiritual Awakening.

In this Google+ Hangout and podcast, Carrie and I extend and share the miracle of our projects and how they’ve lent themselves to further deepening of Spiritual Truths and Awakening.