ACIM - Documentary Craig Villarrubia

Craig Villarrubia

What is this Movie About?

ACIM - Documentary Gary Renard

Craig Villarrubia and Gary Renard

Craig Villarrubia was leading a typical and arguably successful life. He was partnered, had a good job, enjoyed nice things and lived a very nice lifestyle in Hollywood. However, despite  outward appearances, there was a deep and undeniable call to spiritual truth and peace of mind. The metaphysical text, A Course in Miracles, made famous by authors like Gary Renard and Marianne Williamson, would be the answer to his call.

ACIM - Documentary David Hoffmeister

David Hoffmeister and Craig Villarrubia

The documentary A Course in Miracles – Enlightenment or Bust! follows this inspirational story of a curious guy who has come upon a teaching that sparked a Spiritual Awakening experience. Anxious to learn more about the Course, Craig sets off to meet teachers who have gone before him in their journey. Unbeknownst to Craig, the making of this documentary, his willingness to dive into the Course and the application of its principles would radically shift his perception on life.

With enlightenment as his aim, Craig travels to visit ACIM teachers to find the answers to deeper questions about the Course.  Along the way he encounters mighty companions who are willing to share their stories, miracle experiences and understandings of ACIM.

ACIM - Documentary Confessional

Craig Villarrubia

Craig finds himself questioning everything he once believed about himself, his identity and how the world operates. With a new perspective on life, he’s left with the decision to either follow a call to inspiration and become a teacher of the Course or return to the worldly life of 9-5.

The film exposes the dysfunctional pattern of fearful thinking and how following inspiration is the antidote to overcoming the blocks to the awareness of Love’s presence. A Course in Miracles – Enlightenment or Bust! is an invitation to the world to discover peace and happiness by the means of following intuitive guidance.

This movie is being privately screened Fall 2015.