Question: My neighbor, an older retired man, has an anger issue.  He often explodes in anger and uses very foul language when he is outside working on something, which is almost daily. My bedroom window is right next to his driveway. I share a tiny house with two other people, and due to health issues I am home a lot. My bedroom is where I spend most of my time, sleeping, resting, meditating, reading, etc. More than once I have been startled awake from a nap by these outbursts.

I have tried practicing forgiveness, sending him healing prayers and energy, looking within and forgiving my own anger; everything except going over there and confronting him, which I am way too scared to do.

I am wondering, from the perspective of ACIM, what is being called for here? As it says, “I need do nothing.” But I cannot just accept it and live with it. How do I apply A Course in Miracles principles is this situation?

Answer: Thank you for sharing…I feel your heart’s desire to find peace with this.

What comes to mind for me is A Course in Miracles’ teaching that says “The sole responsibility of the miracle worker is to accept the Atonement for himself”…which is to accept the correction in mind for ourself…it literally means to accept the healing for every thought of guilt and or fear.

“This means you recognize that mind is the only creative level, and that its errors are healed by the Atonement.” – A Course in Miracles

Your question is how to apply the principles of the Course in this particular situation?

It’s literally, one by one, the willingness to give up the thoughts EVERY time they appear in mind. In this situation, the upset is not just isolated to the confrontation …it appears every time we’re worrying about the neighbor (even when he’s not in our presence). It’s the laboring thoughts and scenarios surrounding the neighbor that cause suffering. There is an unconscious investment in the story that plays over and over. The thought system keeps us imprisoned to a cycle of fear thoughts.

The Course is asking us to recognize when those thoughts occur and be WILLING to give them up…so that everything can be re-translated (by Spirit). Therein lies the miracle.

You have tried practicing forgiveness…and your willingness to give good thoughts, and look within are not in vain…they serve as a powerful demonstration of how much you desire peace of mind…and it is that desire that guarantees its remembrance.

ACIM PatienceForgiveness, as you already know is a process…and it is until it’s no longer. “Now you must learn that only infinite patience produces immediate effects.” says A Course in Miracles

That doesn’t mean, however, that you just sit back. If you’re prompted to DO something, then trust that THAT is your guidance.

The Course teaching “I need do nothing” is very often misunderstood. Yes, you don’t need to do anything to ready yourself for salvation. You are already perfect and worthy. But in terms of what’s unfolding, there is always something happening…and if it means action is to be taken, you’ll know and you’ll take it. But the Course is not advocating that you subject yourself to sacrifice in any way. Salvation does not come at the cost of sacrifice.

You ask a good question, what is being called for here? What are the answers YOU receive? This is a great exercise in hearing the Voice of Spirit (intuition)…

If you feel you need to do something, pray on it and act, knowing you’re not alone…you are fully supported by the Universe…but until then, each time a thought of fear arises in mind, it is our job is to offer it up to Spirit.

Much Love,