A Course in Miracles says “Make this year different by making it all the same.” This begs the question, “What have I made of previous years?” and “What does it mean to make it all the same?”

New Year’s symbolizes rebirth, an open door for change, something new. Perhaps new goals, aims and challenges become the new focus for 2017? The new year becomes a crossroads in time, for which we can “re-new” ourselves. If ever there was time for change, now would be the moment to reset. New Year’s represent a new beginning.

But rather than placing attention and focus on efforts to self modify (e.g. resolutions, self improvement), which has been typical of me in the past (and serves only to sustain a separate self-concept), what if the new beginning was a singular focus?…on forgiveness? 

Unlike traditional attempts of previous years, multiple resolutions, promises, and objectives, the Course is advocating a different approach to time (and forever). To make this year different, by making everything the same, is to watch without judgement and see the perfect equality (neutrality) of all things.

ACIM - JudgmentJudgement is a way of splitting the cosmos by differentiating parts of the Universe and placing meaning where there is none. When we judge ourselves, our actions, others and their actions, we are dividing the wholeness of life. We project personal meaning to people, circumstances and things in an attempt to define ourselves. When we judge, we see a “me” separate from you, nothing is seen as the same (as ONE). When we judge, we bare witness to a separate self-concept in relationship to others and the world. This isn’t wholeness but fragmentation, and it always leads to suffering.

“Accept this year is born, and take your place, so long left unfulfilled, in the Great Awakening.” – A Course in Miracles

Without judgement, we can continue along with whatever inspiration and drive we have, absent of the need to judge against anything. If you’re inspired to set a new year’s resolution, do it. But if it doesn’t work out, let it be. If it does work out, let it be. Nothing is to your credit or blame. Accept perfection in all things and be done with the peeks and valleys of success and failure. Watch without judgement and keep a singular focus on the holy instant (now).

“And let all your relationships be made holy for you.” – A Course in Miracles

In our relationships, the prayer of the heart, is to see our union with everything and everyone, and recognize our shared purpose of peace. To make it all the same is to recognize the holiness (wholeness) of relationships, without reciprocity, expectations or blame. Complete acceptance of all that is IS our salvation.

This year (moment) and forever, let’s create a different experience for ourselves, and through non-judgment and forgiveness, usher in peaceful state of mind.

Happy New Year! Much Love, Craig