A Course in Miracles says “Love knows no bodies, and reaches to everything created like itself.” This means that it is unconditional and touches all that is without conditions. It knows no boundary and is absent from nothing. This is very different from worldly or “special” love.

Special love says “I love you because…” It has conditions like, because you are my lover, because you did something nice for me, because you are pretty, because you are my mother,LimitlessLove brother, son, or child, because I have to… etc. Being limited, it can seemingly shut down and inflict pain when conditions are not met. It is dependent on exchange, this for that. Being unnatural, it ALWAYS fails at long term satisfaction.

In Reality, Love is complete always. A Course in Miracles says “Its (Love) total lack of limit is its meaning.” This means that Love overlooks all limits, specifics, details, errors, etc… it is free from any particulars. It binds itself to nothing. Free from attachment of any sort, it remains boundless.

“It (Love) is completely impartial in its giving, encompassing only to preserve and keep complete what it would give.” – A Course in Miracles

Love only sees the whole, the holy, the perfection of collaboration in all things without separating Life into people or things. This why is God, who’s synonymous with Love, cannot know of this world because He does not see separation. When we listen to a symphony, we don’t separate the violin and only listen to that instrument? We appreciate the whole orchestra…each instrument plays its part and we experience the whole.

Love knows ONE experiential movement, without beginnings or endings and it envelopes everything. Like the snow, it blankets all that is, without discretion, judgement, or need to separate the parts for which it embraces.