Waking Up with A Course in Miracles

Peace and happiness are attributes of what we are. Although obscured, it IS our Reality. Somehow we’ve forgotten our true nature and accepted a substitute. Having buried our true Identity so deep into the unconscious and assumed a separate self-concept, we perceive a world of separation and fear, the source of all pain and suffering. However…

A Course in Miracles says “Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Therein lies the peace of God.”

A Course in Miracles makes a fundamental distinction between the real and unreal, Love and fear. Truth (Love) is unalterable, unchanging, and without an opposite. Fear (illusion) on the other hand is subject to interpretation not fact. This world of separation is a world of fear, not reality.

Having no opposite, Love is Non-Dual. It is all encompassing. The teachings of A Course in Miracles lays out a theology and workbook for which helps bridge the gap between our misperceptions of division and the Reality of Oneness. This shift in perception from fear (illusion) to Love (Truth) is a miracle. With an aim to bring us into an experience of wholeness, the Course serves as a mind training tool for Spiritual Awakening.

As a student and teacher of A Course In Miracles, it’s my joy to invite you to explore Course principles and Non-Dual teachings. Using the Course’s teachings and the application of its principles we can return the mind to the remembrance of peace and happiness. Join in on an inspired adventure of Self inquiry as we remove the blocks to the awareness of Love’s presence.